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Pallet Racking
news image Ampro can provide you with industrial pallet racking which will keep your facility running smoothly while maximizing your vertical storage. We will evaluate your facilities needs and come up with a detailed proposal which will focus on cost savings while maximizing your output.
news image Ampro can provide you with a steel mezzanine solution to maximize the use of your overhead space. This will allow you to increase your efficiency and eliminate the need to expand your floor space.tew

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About us

Ampro Inc., a Pantero company, has been serving the Midwest for over 40 years, distributing the finest manufactured racks and shelving products for Industry and commercial use. Our specialty is servicing the customer as a "one-stop" supplier of:

  • Material handling equipment
  • Plant safety equipment
  • Storage products
  • Line Feed Rack
  • Office furniture

All Ampro products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the Material Handling Industry.Our professional sales force is trained to offer “in-plant” solutions to your facility. Whether it is providing unique racking, solving ergonomic problems, creating efficient plant layouts, or simply locating the right product to improve a process, our sales staff has proven ability to get your company the right product, for the specific need, at a very competitive price.

Ampro success is derived from the complete satisfaction of our customers. We achieve this through:

  • Quality products
  • Excellent customer Service
  • Attention to detail

About Pantero

Pantero is a fast-growing, family-owned business bringing a new approach to material handling and packaging & warehouse supply procurement to the Michigan market. With a 100,000 ft2 facility in Troy, Michigan, Pantero has a substantial stock of equipment and supplies for packaging and product protection, shipping and mailing, warehousing, safety and facilities maintenance.

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There is no preventive maintenance or maintenance needed for a pallet racking system. Once the system has been set up the structure will last. A visual walkthrough can determine if any repairs are needed. Most issues arise from lack of caution by the hi-lo driver. If there are any issues with your pallet racking please give us a call. We can come out and look at your system and help recommend solutions. If location is a problem give us a phone call and we might ask for some pictures of your issue to help understand the problem.


There are a couple of different options for pallet racking deck. Pallet supports are perpendicular to the system and support the pallet. Wire decking is versatile for full pallet storage or smaller packages. Plywood is available for special applications. Give us a call if you have any further questions about different decking for pallet racking. 


At Ampro we are always interested in buying and selling used racking and material handling equipment. Give us a call today and we will send a team to disassemble and pick up your racking.

Industrial shelving in standard and custom designed of the highest quality standards for business facilities.
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